Under $100 Casual Friday Outifts

Shopping for clothing can be frustrating. The experience usually goes something like this: I’m out shopping and I find a great top. What, it’s on sale? Even better! Wow, it’s my lucky day! But do I have anything to go with it? Not really. I should probably get a skirt to pair with it. And wow, none of my shoes would look good with this top! I really want the top, so I guess I’m getting the skirt and shoes too. Are the skirt and shoes on sale? Of course not.

I’m sure you’ve all been there. I just went from buying a top on sale for a great deal to spending way more than I wanted for an outfit. Oh well, I won’t tell Dave (just kidding).

Today I’m trying to do my small part to rectify this internal battle. Today I’ve thrown together three outfits for you that come in at less than $100, accounting for all pieces. Most of them come from a few of my favorite low-priced clothing stores. These outfits are ideal outfits for a casual Friday at work!

Casual Friday Outfit #1

This outfit totals $85.33…for four pieces. If that’s not a great deal, I don’t know what is. Normally you’d be hard-pressed to find just a pair of boots for that price. Here’s the breakdown for you:

Top: $29.95 | Jeans: $19.95 | Boots: $17.48 | Scarf: $17.95

Casual Friday Outfit #2

This outfit, also four pieces, comes in at a grand total of $93.80. The shoes are the heavy hitter here, but the jeans are a crazy bargain. Here’s the breakdown:

Top: $17.95 | Jeans: $9.95 | Shoes: $59.95 | Necklace: $5.95

Casual Friday Outfit #3

The final outfit, the cheapest of the three, comes primarily from my favorite store for buying low-priced clothing (Maurices). It totals just $78. Here’s the breakdown:

Top: $24 | Jeans: $20 | Shoes: $34

What’s your favorite store for buying quality, low-priced outfits?

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