June Goals

June Goals

First, let’s take a look at my May Goals and see how I did. I’m warning you, it’s sad. I’m rationalizing by telling my self real-world May was only 22 days for me, since everything after was wedding weekend and honeymoon.

+Get Married. (Probably? I’m writing this post BEFORE the wedding so I can schedule it ahead of time, so I can’t say for sure. I guess, let’s go with yes.)

+Create to-do lists for wedding planning so I’m not saving it all for the last minute. (I actually think I did okay here. All the big things I had left to do were finished at least a week before, so the final week was just little things).

+Follow a meal plan. (Nope. Failed so bad.)

+Finish new blog design. (I didn’t finish it, but I made a TON of progress! It was hard to get to it much because my priorities had to be wedding, then blog, then new design. And obviously my real job squeezed somewhere in there.)

+Schedule posts and social media for two weeks I’ll be gone. (Yes! I was really worried it was going to go dark for two weeks, which is like two years in social media time. Thanks goodness that didn’t happen).

+Take more frequent walks. (Sadly, this one is a no as well. But definitely next month!)

June Goals

+Follow a meal plan for real. I’m serious this time. I actually wrote the meal plan and shopping list before leaving for the wedding/honeymoon so I can just go grocery shopping without much preparation when we get back. That way we don’t have a week of fast food while we transition back into the real world.

+Take more frequent walks and take Leia to the dog park! My best friend is getting a puppy, so he/she will obviously be best friends with Leia and they can play together at the dog park 🙂

+Relaunch the blog with a new design. I’ve been talking about this relaunch forever, but it’s really happening this month!

+Unpack and do honeymoon laundry in a timely manner. I’m not saying it has to be done the day we get back, but it better not still be there by the time I’m writing my July goals

Hopefully I do a little better this month! What are some of your goals for June?

May Goals

May Goals

One thing I strive to do better in my day to day life is to set goals for myself: realistic goals that will still challenge me to better myself. So often I find myself thinking, “Yeah, I’d like to do better at that” or “Wow, I would really like to do more of that in my life”. The problem with these fleeting thoughts is that they lack follow-up and accountability. I’m the only one who knew I wanted to do that, so no one will know if I fail to do so. I didn’t write it down, so it’s not like I really planned to do that.

Because of this endless cycle, I’ve decided to incorporate a monthly post that will force me to face my goals head on and remain accountable for them. I sincerely hope this will push myself to follow up on those ideas that pop into my head and act as a regular reminder. Therefore, here are my goals for the month of May:

+GET MARRIED! Okay, this one seems like cheating. The bulk of the planning has already been done and the date is set. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to get married on May 24!

+In line with goal #1, I want to create productive to-do lists for my self for wedding tasks over the next three weeks. I want to have all of these things done before the big weekend so I’m not stressing too much at the last minute.

+Follow a solid meal plan. Sometimes I do really well with meal planning. The past month I have NOT. I want to at least have my meals planned Monday-Friday so I’m not wasting money on impulse purchases at the grocery store that I don’t end up eating because I ordered take-out instead.

+Have my new blog design DONE before I leave for the honeymoon. In June I’m going to be rolling out my new and improved blog design and self-hosted blog, but I’d like to finish it before the wedding.

+Schedule posts and social media  for the two weeks I’ll be out of blogging commission. I won’t have access to the blogosphere during the wedding and honeymoon, so I want to have everything scheduled ahead of time so I don’t go completely dark!

+Take more frequent walks. We have a gorgeous trail right next to our apartment complex, but almost always end up taking Leia for her walks just around the outside of the apartment.

That’s all for this month, folks. The blog design and wedding planning are going to take up a massive amount of my time, so I don’t want to overload myself!