Current Fashion Wishlist

Having just thrown a wedding and gone on a honeymoon in Ireland, we aren’t exactly rolling in the dough to go on a shopping spree. I suspect I’ll be taking quite the shopping hiatus for a couple of months so we can recover, but that doesn’t stop be from looking! I figured I’d skip the shopping for a couple of months, clean out the closet and sell a few things I don’t wear anymore, and then be ready to hit the sales in no time!

Fashion Wishlist

1. These shorts caught my eye as soon as I saw them! I’m almost strictly a blue jean-short kind of girl, but these are definitely on my list to purchase this year. Another plus is that I love the fit of American Eagle shorts, so I know these would be some of my favorites! Plus they’re only $30 AND buy one, get one half off.

2. These pants just look insanely comfortable. They would be great for slightly cooler summer days when shorts or a skirt can’t cut it. They look light weight enough that they’d even be able to work in the summer heat. They’re a little more than a like to pay for pants (around $100), but I can budge for something I know I’ll wear a lot.

3. I featured this top from Maurices in my last color crush post, and I just had to share it in this one as well. Maurices has been one of my favorite stores for years, so it’s no surprise that my favorite top right now is there!

4. I love this dress! To be honest, it’s not that practical for me. For me dresses need to be either professional enough to wear to work or casual enough to wear for a lazy summer day. This one doesn’t fit either of those, but I had to add it to the list nonetheless. The price is decent at $50, so I’ll keep it in mind in case we have any events come up!

5. I was never a huge shoe girl. Through high school and college I wore tennis shoes daily when the weather was cold enough to force me to (so like 9 months per year in Wisconsin) and cheap Old Navy flip flops the rest of the year. Then I had one dressier pair of pumps that I would wear to formals, etc. That was about it. It wasn’t until I got my first real job that I started to purchase practical footwear that could be worn in the workplace. I’ve finally built my staple collection enough that I can start to buy shoes that are a little more fun, but less appropriate for daily wear. These shoes are seriously awesome, and I love the color! You also can’t beat that $35 price point!

Color Crush: Mint

Color Crush- Mint

Mint is one color I’ve fallen in love with this year. I’ve been using it a lot more and I found it really inspirational when I was working on my new blog design (hint, hint). I’m definitely overdue for a fashion post, so today I’m going to share a few mint pieces that I think are absolutely perfect!

1. I’ve said on here before and I’ll say again that I’m not a huge jewelry person, especially statement jewelry. I love it on other people, I just don’t love it on myself. That said, this necklace is amazing. I just might break my rule for this one!

2. We’re obviously making our way out of sweater season, but I still wear cardigans year round (hello, office air conditioning). This sweater is simple but bright and could go with something as basic as a black pencil skirt.

3. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to shoes. Other than one pair of red flats, all my work shoes are black and nude. I do love this mint pair of kitten heels though!

4. This top is one of my favorite pieces in this post! The ruffles on the front give it some movement and energy and I just thing it’s really fun. I would wear this to work with a cardigan or blazer, or on the weekends!

5. I think this is my other favorite piece! I love two layer skirts like this one, and I think one in mint would be perfect for summer.

6. I never spend more than like $10 on sunglasses, so these are a little out of my price range. But that doesn’t stop me from staring at them wishfully!

7. I’m not sure I would be able to pull off this dress from ModCloth, but I love it anyways! Someone who can pull it off, please buy it and send me a picture.

8. You can never have too many handbags. Dave thinks you can, but he’s wrong. I could use a mint one in my collection, and this bad boy might just be the winner.

A Fresh Look with New Glasses

I’ve needed corrective eye wear since middle school. Let me tell you, it sucked having to get glasses for the first time. I was able to wear contacts most of the time, but having to wear glasses was always such a bummer. A huge hassle and I never felt like they looked good on my face. Now I still wear contacts most of the time, but luckily have grown into glasses and finally enjoy finding a pair I think look good on me.

I’ve been wearing the same pair of black frames for a few years no. I typically don’t like to upgrade too often, mostly because of the cost. Glasses can be expensive! That’s why I was so excited recently when I was contacted by a company called Firmoo, wanted to know if I’d like to try a pair of glasses. They have a really fun collection, so I had a difficult time picking a favorite. I finally got it down to this pair and this pair. I ultimately went with the burgundy and light pink pair because, since I already had a plain black pair, I wanted something a little more fun.

The first thing I noticed about the website was how low their prices are! I was worried that might mean getting a cheaply made product, but that’s definitely not the case. Mine came just a couple of weeks ago and they definitely feel as sturdy as my more expensive glasses. The other great thing about the website is a feature that allows you to “try on” different pairs of glasses, or even just see them one someone with similar features.

Firmoo Glasses Fashion 1 Firmoo Glasses Fashion 2 Firmoo Glasses Fashion 3

I’m absolutely loving the new glasses. Let me know what you think of them!

I received these glasses free from Firmoo. All opinions are my own.

Fashion Wishlist

These fashion wishlist posts are some of my favorite to write. Each time I find pieces that I absolutely fall in love with. It’s always fun to browse the online stores. Plus, you readers seem to really like them as well! Here are a few items I’m lusting over right now.

Fashion Wishlist 5-7-15

1. You might remember, I used this lace dress in my color crush post a few weeks ago. Dorothy Perkins makes absolutely stunning dresses, and this one is no exception. One of the best parts is that they are always such a reasonable price. This one is just $70.

2. Black blazers become so dark and boring during the summer, so a white blazer like this one would be a great way to brighten up an outfit. This is especially great if you work in a professional setting but want to get away from the stereotypical black.

3. Guys, I’ve been obsessing over this bag for months. I might have even included it in a previous one of these wishlists. The Target near my house has it displayed on one of the first racks when you walk in the store, just taunting me. I actually almost finally bit the bulled and bought it the other day, since I still needed a carry-on for the honeymoon. Unfortunately, there was a more practical and affordable option next to it that I grabbed instead, but someday this beauty will be mine. Really though, it’s only like $35. I’m just stingy.

4. I normally don’t take the plunge into light colored jeans. Really this is just because during the warmer months I virtually never wear pants. Okay, don’t get any funny ideas. I much prefer skirts and dresses when the weather allows. But this pair from H&M might change my mind!

5. For some reason navy and white striped tops like this one keep catching my eye lately. If I’m being honest, I actually almost included like three different ones in this post. Then I thought that would be silly and just included the one. But there are so many cute ones out there!

6. So often on this blog I find a cute item to feature in a fashion post, and then end up featuring it in my next wishlist post because I just can’t get it out of my head. That’s totally what happened with these wedge sandals. What’s even better is that Target has a super similar pair for less than half the price!

7. I find myself featuring sunglasses in a lot of these posts lately. What’s funny is that I don’t really buy sunglasses. I have one pair of aviators that I keep in my car for the drive to work and another pair that I wear out and about that I got…for free…in a cocktail at a bar. But this pair is super fun!

What’s on your fashion wishlist these days?

Color Crush: Everything Blush

Color Crush- Everything Blush

1. Lace Dress: Dorothy Perkins makes what I think are some of the most gorgeous dresses. This lace dress would be perfect for summer cocktail parties and weddings, as well as less formal events!

2. Flats: These flats would be a great go-to for spring and summer. They’re great flats for work or commuting, and would look great on weekends with jeans as well.

3. Moto Jacket: All of my favorite moto jackets I’ve been seeing lately are blush colored. I don’t own one yet, but I love this one!

4. Watch: I don’t wear a watch typically, but I’m tempted to buy one every time I see one that looks like this watch!

5. Skirt: I wear pencil skirts to work a lot, and it’s nice to mix is up instead of wearing typical black everyday. This  blush skirt would be great for the office and would go with plenty of different tops.

6. Pumps: These blush pumps are a little taller than I would normally wear, but I could set that aside considering how gorgeous they are!

7. I’ll say it again and again. The Limited has The. Best. Pants! This pair is gorgeous!

Which of these pieces is your favorite?

Styling a Colored Blazer

When the warm weather hits and the bright colors come out, those dark, stodgy blazers we’ve been wearing all winter suddenly start to look a little out of place. A black blazer with black pants begins to look a little depressing amidst the sunshine and neon. So like with any other part of the wardrobe, it’s time to mix up our blazers! Below are a few alternatives to still achieve the same look, but with a little more flair.

How to Style a Colored Blazer

1. I love the brightly colored blazers I’ve been seeing lately. I’ve found that I like them best styled with a pair of white jeans, so this would be more of an evening, weekend or casual Friday outfit. Amazon has some surprisingly nice looking blazers this spring, including this pink one! I paired it with these white jeans from (where else) The Limited. I went for a patterned white shirt instead of plain so it would be easily distinguishable from the jeans. Finally I went with these summery wedge sandals from Nordstrom to complete the look!

2. This outfit is a great one for the office. The black pencil skirt keeps it refined and appropriate for even a more conservative office. I love the color of this blush blazer from H&M. I always find myself pleasantly surprised with their blazer collection, and they’re always at a great price. I just paired this with a lace cami from Maurices, because those are my favorite, and a simple black pump from Macy’s.

2. This is also a great professional outfit for spring because it has a lighter color pant (The Limited) and a navy blazer instead of black. This blazer is also from Amazon. Again, I just paired it with a navy tank top from Maurices. I also just went with a simple nude pump. During the summer this would be a typical work outfit for me if I choose to wear pants (since I typically wear a skirt or dress).

Do you wear colored blazers in the spring and summer? How do you like to style them?

Maximize Your Maxi

Last summer, I was officially converted to a lover of maxi skirts. Really, all things maxi. It all started with one skirt. I bought a very simple black maxi skirt, something that I could dress up for work and dress down for lazy weekends. Since that day, that skirt has become one of the most versatile and worn pieces in my wardrobe! Now I am constantly wearing that skirt, along with the maxi dresses I also have in my closet.

One of my favorite things about the skirt is use versatile and useful it is. It’s a really soft material, so basically like wearing one long sweat pant leg. I know that sounds absurd, but I’m not sure how else to describe it! I can curl on up the couch with it and be as comfortable as if I was wearing sweatpants. I can throw on a simple tank top if I’m running errands on a Saturday or a blouse and statement necklace to wear to work. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s nice to be able to wear a skirt and not shave our legs.

If you’re not sure how to style your maxi, here are some great ideas! This one is from Neiman Marcus Last Call for just $35!

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

Outfit 1: This is great for a casual outfit when you don’t want to be too casual. You could rock this on a weekend or a casual Friday at work! The best part is the price! The jacket is $40 at Maurices and the tank top only a $6 at H&M!

Outfit 2: This is an outfit I would totally wear to work on a Friday! I actually style my maxi like this a lot. I’ll just wear a simple white or striped t-shirt with a colorful scarf! This is definitely a comfortable outfit!

Outfit 3: This outfit just screams weekend! Stay extra comfortable by throwing on a baggy t-shirt with your maxi skirt. Target has an awesome selection of graphic tees right now! Since I’m typically having an extra lazy day when I’m dressed like this and almost definitely haven’t washed my hair, I’ll throw in a head band for good measure!

What’s your favorite way to style your maxi?

Wedding Wednesday: Dressing for Pre-Wedding Parties

Dressing for Pre-Wedding Parties

When you think of buying a dress for your wedding, you think of the glamorous white gown you’ll wear to walk down the aisle. Obviously, that’s the most important dress. It’s probably the most important dress you’ll ever buy. But attached to weddings come even more events that require some shopping.

If you’re like me, you’ll try to shop you’re closet so you aren’t buying a new dress for every single pre-wedding event you’ll attend. But if you’d prefer to buy new or don’t have a dress in your closet that will make the cut, I’m here to help you out.

Here are some dresses I think would be perfect for the pre-wedding celebrations!

Bridal Shower

When I was shopping for a dress for my own bridal shower, I found that I was most drawn toward florals. They just seem to fit the occasion. They’re feminine and are sure to make you stand out as the bride. I love this strapless maxi from David’s Bridal or this shorter floral dress.

David's Bridal - Strapless Printed Chiffon Dress Style


Bachelorette Party

What kind of dress you wear to this one is definitely going to depend on what kind of party you’re having. You obviously aren’t going to wear the same thing to a spa day that you would a night out with the girls. These dresses are more tailored at women who are having a fun night out for their bachelorette party.

I love both of these dress so much, both from ASOS. If you’re wanting to go white for bridal, this mini pencil dress is perfect. For something other than white, I am obsessed with this blush dress!

ASOS River Island Mini Pencil Dress

ASOS Scuba Debutante Dress with Embellished Waist

Rehearsal Dinner

The last event you’ll need a dress for before the wedding is the rehearsal dinner. For this I love just a classic white cocktail dress. This peplum dress from Macy’s is perfect, as well as this dress from Rent the Runway.

Macy's - XOXO Junior's Cap Sleeve Peplum Sheath Dress

Rent the Runway - Trina Turk Catch the Wind Dress

Which of these dresses is your favorite? What did you wear to your pre-wedding parties?

Mad Men Outfits That Inspire Me To Return to the 60’s

Mad Men Fashion Inspiration

I didn’t start watching Mad Men until the show had been on a few seasons. Dave and I started because some friends of ours swore by the show and told us we’d love it. They weren’t wrong. We’ve been obsessed with the show ever since, and I’m so sad it’s coming to an end this season!

For those who haven’t seen the show, it’s not too late to catch up on Netflix! Mad Men takes place in the 1960’s and is centered around the employees of an ad agency in New York, specifically the main character Don Draper. Everything about about the show is fantastic, especially the fashion! The women in the show really take on the 1960’s fashion, inspiring women today (myself included) to return to the vintage.

Here are a few outfits from Mad Men that will make you want to return to the 1960’s.






When I think of Mad Men fashion, I first think of Joan Holloway/Harris. Joan is the head secretary when the show starts, but makes her way to partner by the last couple of seasons. And she’s certainly not afraid to flaunt her curves!

Betty is also one of the style icons from Mad Men, though in a very different way. Instead of her wardrobe being sheath dresses for the office, like Joan’s her wardrobe is that of a housewife. Feminine colors, hoop skirts.

Finally, Peggy. Peggy definitely isn’t a “fashion icon” in the way Joan is. From the very beginning, her wardrobe mirrors that of the uniform at a private school for girls. There’s nothing scandalous about her outfits, just a lot of wool. Her outfits definitely mature as the show goes on and she becomes a more confident and successful character.

Looking to mimic some Mad Men style in your own wardrobe? Try these pieces!



Picture 2

What do you think of Mad Men fashion?

Current Fashion Wishlist

With the wedding coming up next month (what?!), I’ve been really limiting my shopping. That doesn’t stop me from (online) window shopping though! With all the spring lines out there are so many amazing new pieces and so many sales! Some of my favorite stores have taken their spring lines to a whole new level, and I’m absolutely obsessed. If I weren’t on a mandatory shopping hiatus, here’s what I would probably be buying.

Current Fashion Wishlist

1. I love love love how feminine and summery this dress is! The color and neckline are both amazing. If you’re going to be a guest at any weddings this summer, it would be a perfect option. Plus it’s from ModCloth, so it’s only $65!

2. Pretty much every year I buy one new pair of sandals and then wear the heck out of them all summer. These sandals from Target would be perfect for that. The heel is low enough that they would be comfortable to walk around in, but still obviously gorgeous!

3. I pretty much solidly believe that the best and most stylish work pants come from The Limited. These skinny printed pants are cute and fun for spring, but still professional for an office environment. I am in love.

4. If you’re shopping for office-appropriate clothing on a serious budget, H&M is pretty much the best place to go. They have great professional pieces that are good quality, but easy on the credit card. This top is light and summery and would go great with a skirt or pair of work pants.

5. I’m not a huge statement-jewelry person, but this necklace is gorgeous! If I could have this guy in every color, that would be the only statement necklace I would need.

6. These day it seems like small handbags just don’t cut it for me. I’m constantly having to carry around something bigger to fit everything I need from blogging supplies to extra shoes. This polka dot bag from Target is perfect for just that! It’s perfect for carrying around on the weekend for any extras you might need.

What have you been window shopping lately?