Current Fashion Wishlist

Having just thrown a wedding and gone on a honeymoon in Ireland, we aren’t exactly rolling in the dough to go on a shopping spree. I suspect I’ll be taking quite the shopping hiatus for a couple of months so we can recover, but that doesn’t stop be from looking! I figured I’d skip the shopping for a couple of months, clean out the closet and sell a few things I don’t wear anymore, and then be ready to hit the sales in no time!

Fashion Wishlist

1. These shorts caught my eye as soon as I saw them! I’m almost strictly a blue jean-short kind of girl, but these are definitely on my list to purchase this year. Another plus is that I love the fit of American Eagle shorts, so I know these would be some of my favorites! Plus they’re only $30 AND buy one, get one half off.

2. These pants just look insanely comfortable. They would be great for slightly cooler summer days when shorts or a skirt can’t cut it. They look light weight enough that they’d even be able to work in the summer heat. They’re a little more than a like to pay for pants (around $100), but I can budge for something I know I’ll wear a lot.

3. I featured this top from Maurices in my last color crush post, and I just had to share it in this one as well. Maurices has been one of my favorite stores for years, so it’s no surprise that my favorite top right now is there!

4. I love this dress! To be honest, it’s not that practical for me. For me dresses need to be either professional enough to wear to work or casual enough to wear for a lazy summer day. This one doesn’t fit either of those, but I had to add it to the list nonetheless. The price is decent at $50, so I’ll keep it in mind in case we have any events come up!

5. I was never a huge shoe girl. Through high school and college I wore tennis shoes daily when the weather was cold enough to force me to (so like 9 months per year in Wisconsin) and cheap Old Navy flip flops the rest of the year. Then I had one dressier pair of pumps that I would wear to formals, etc. That was about it. It wasn’t until I got my first real job that I started to purchase practical footwear that could be worn in the workplace. I’ve finally built my staple collection enough that I can start to buy shoes that are a little more fun, but less appropriate for daily wear. These shoes are seriously awesome, and I love the color! You also can’t beat that $35 price point!

Color Crush: Mint

Color Crush- Mint

Mint is one color I’ve fallen in love with this year. I’ve been using it a lot more and I found it really inspirational when I was working on my new blog design (hint, hint). I’m definitely overdue for a fashion post, so today I’m going to share a few mint pieces that I think are absolutely perfect!

1. I’ve said on here before and I’ll say again that I’m not a huge jewelry person, especially statement jewelry. I love it on other people, I just don’t love it on myself. That said, this necklace is amazing. I just might break my rule for this one!

2. We’re obviously making our way out of sweater season, but I still wear cardigans year round (hello, office air conditioning). This sweater is simple but bright and could go with something as basic as a black pencil skirt.

3. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to shoes. Other than one pair of red flats, all my work shoes are black and nude. I do love this mint pair of kitten heels though!

4. This top is one of my favorite pieces in this post! The ruffles on the front give it some movement and energy and I just thing it’s really fun. I would wear this to work with a cardigan or blazer, or on the weekends!

5. I think this is my other favorite piece! I love two layer skirts like this one, and I think one in mint would be perfect for summer.

6. I never spend more than like $10 on sunglasses, so these are a little out of my price range. But that doesn’t stop me from staring at them wishfully!

7. I’m not sure I would be able to pull off this dress from ModCloth, but I love it anyways! Someone who can pull it off, please buy it and send me a picture.

8. You can never have too many handbags. Dave thinks you can, but he’s wrong. I could use a mint one in my collection, and this bad boy might just be the winner.

Color Crush: Everything Blush

Color Crush- Everything Blush

1. Lace Dress: Dorothy Perkins makes what I think are some of the most gorgeous dresses. This lace dress would be perfect for summer cocktail parties and weddings, as well as less formal events!

2. Flats: These flats would be a great go-to for spring and summer. They’re great flats for work or commuting, and would look great on weekends with jeans as well.

3. Moto Jacket: All of my favorite moto jackets I’ve been seeing lately are blush colored. I don’t own one yet, but I love this one!

4. Watch: I don’t wear a watch typically, but I’m tempted to buy one every time I see one that looks like this watch!

5. Skirt: I wear pencil skirts to work a lot, and it’s nice to mix is up instead of wearing typical black everyday. This  blush skirt would be great for the office and would go with plenty of different tops.

6. Pumps: These blush pumps are a little taller than I would normally wear, but I could set that aside considering how gorgeous they are!

7. I’ll say it again and again. The Limited has The. Best. Pants! This pair is gorgeous!

Which of these pieces is your favorite?

Styling a Colored Blazer

When the warm weather hits and the bright colors come out, those dark, stodgy blazers we’ve been wearing all winter suddenly start to look a little out of place. A black blazer with black pants begins to look a little depressing amidst the sunshine and neon. So like with any other part of the wardrobe, it’s time to mix up our blazers! Below are a few alternatives to still achieve the same look, but with a little more flair.

How to Style a Colored Blazer

1. I love the brightly colored blazers I’ve been seeing lately. I’ve found that I like them best styled with a pair of white jeans, so this would be more of an evening, weekend or casual Friday outfit. Amazon has some surprisingly nice looking blazers this spring, including this pink one! I paired it with these white jeans from (where else) The Limited. I went for a patterned white shirt instead of plain so it would be easily distinguishable from the jeans. Finally I went with these summery wedge sandals from Nordstrom to complete the look!

2. This outfit is a great one for the office. The black pencil skirt keeps it refined and appropriate for even a more conservative office. I love the color of this blush blazer from H&M. I always find myself pleasantly surprised with their blazer collection, and they’re always at a great price. I just paired this with a lace cami from Maurices, because those are my favorite, and a simple black pump from Macy’s.

2. This is also a great professional outfit for spring because it has a lighter color pant (The Limited) and a navy blazer instead of black. This blazer is also from Amazon. Again, I just paired it with a navy tank top from Maurices. I also just went with a simple nude pump. During the summer this would be a typical work outfit for me if I choose to wear pants (since I typically wear a skirt or dress).

Do you wear colored blazers in the spring and summer? How do you like to style them?

Outfits for Transitioning From Winter to Spring

Outfits for Transitioning From Winter to Spring

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The weather has been so warm lately and I am absolutely loving it! For the first time since November I’ve been able to wear skirts and dresses outside without the hassle of adding tights and winter boots. I’ve rearranged my closet so that all my warm weather clothing is right in front and can easily be grabbed!

While it’s definitely warm out, it’s hardly warm enough to be walking around in sundresses. For another month or two I’ll be taking advantage of outfits that scream spring, while still keeping me warm enough for the cool breeze.

Here are a few suggest, and outfits I’ll be rocking this spring!

Moto 2

Moto 1

Jacket | Skirt | Camisole | Flats

Go for a moto jacket layered over your skirt and a cami or blouse! This one is thick enough to keep you warm in the cool spring air, but can also be worn at the office in place of a blazer.

Blazer 2

Blazer 1

Dress | Blazer | Pumps

You could also try a blazer layered over a summer dress. I’ll definitely be wearing this dress sans-blazer in a few months, but this transition look is perfect for spring.

sweater 2

Sweater 1

Sweater | Skirt | Camisole | Pumps

My favorite way for laying and staying warm in the spring is a nice cardigan. They’re comfortable and so easy to style up or down! This is my new favorite skirt for this year, so I’ll probably be rocking this look quite often.

Spring Fashion Wishlist

Now that spring has (sort-of) arrived, I couldn’t help but gush over spring clothing this week! Like most people, I find myself shopping in the spring and winter to get stocked up on the necessities for the next few months, and it’s definitely that time! These are just a few pieces I absolutely loved, all at awesome prices!

Spring Fashion Wishlist

1. I came across this dress from ModCloth when I was looking for a dress for my bridal shower (coming up in just a few weeks!). I was specifically looking for maxi dresses, and this was one of my two favorites. I ended up getting the other one, but only because the shower is in March and it will still be too cold for a sleeveless. I’ll probably put a sale alert on this one and get it later in the season though, because it’s perfect for summer!

2. I love both of these tops, also from ModCloth! The polka dot top would be perfect for wearing to work in the summer with a pair of white pants or a pencil skirt. It would also be great for more casual days when you still want to look cute. The spaghetti strap top is the perfect summer top! It’s light colored, light fabric and cute. I would definitely wear this all summer.

3. I love these white pants from The Limited. I don’t have a pair in my closet, so I think this year might be the year. Dress pants from The Limited are also my favorite. They have such a chic, feminine fit while still looking professional enough to wear with a blazer for a professional office.

4. I don’t need new sunglasses. But I find myself having to repeat that mantra myself to stop myself from buying these ones from Target. They’re hard to pass up. They’re cute and perfect for spring at awesome Target prices.

5. You might recognize these shoes, because I used them in my post last Friday. But I fell in love with them and had to include them in this post! They’re from Maurices, which is one of my favorite stores.

6. I seriously need to up my accessory game. I’m SO bad at adding accessories to my outfits in the morning! I think the thing to fix that is some new awesome jewelry! This necklace is gorgeous, and it’s from Target so you know it’s affordable.

Under $100 Casual Friday Outifts

Shopping for clothing can be frustrating. The experience usually goes something like this: I’m out shopping and I find a great top. What, it’s on sale? Even better! Wow, it’s my lucky day! But do I have anything to go with it? Not really. I should probably get a skirt to pair with it. And wow, none of my shoes would look good with this top! I really want the top, so I guess I’m getting the skirt and shoes too. Are the skirt and shoes on sale? Of course not.

I’m sure you’ve all been there. I just went from buying a top on sale for a great deal to spending way more than I wanted for an outfit. Oh well, I won’t tell Dave (just kidding).

Today I’m trying to do my small part to rectify this internal battle. Today I’ve thrown together three outfits for you that come in at less than $100, accounting for all pieces. Most of them come from a few of my favorite low-priced clothing stores. These outfits are ideal outfits for a casual Friday at work!

Casual Friday Outfit #1

This outfit totals $85.33…for four pieces. If that’s not a great deal, I don’t know what is. Normally you’d be hard-pressed to find just a pair of boots for that price. Here’s the breakdown for you:

Top: $29.95 | Jeans: $19.95 | Boots: $17.48 | Scarf: $17.95

Casual Friday Outfit #2

This outfit, also four pieces, comes in at a grand total of $93.80. The shoes are the heavy hitter here, but the jeans are a crazy bargain. Here’s the breakdown:

Top: $17.95 | Jeans: $9.95 | Shoes: $59.95 | Necklace: $5.95

Casual Friday Outfit #3

The final outfit, the cheapest of the three, comes primarily from my favorite store for buying low-priced clothing (Maurices). It totals just $78. Here’s the breakdown:

Top: $24 | Jeans: $20 | Shoes: $34

What’s your favorite store for buying quality, low-priced outfits?

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