I’m Back!


In the 9 months I’ve been writing this blog, it has absolutely become a part of my everyday life. Between writing and scheduling posts, interacting on social media, editing pictures, etc, there is always something to do. For the past two weeks, I’ve been totally disconnected from the blogging world. Now, I had a good excuse.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that two weeks ago I did this kind of awesome thing – got married! On May 24 Dave and I officially got hitched, had one heck of a wedding reception, then jetted off to Ireland the next day for our ten-day honeymoon. So needless to say, the blog was pushed aside for a few weeks. I’ve missed it though, and I’m super excited to be back!

Since you all have become an everyday part of my life, I’m dying to tell you all about the wedding and the honeymoon. As much as I would love to share all the excitement that has been the last two weeks, there is no way I can talk about my dream wedding and ten entire days across the country of Ireland in one blog post. I’ll catch you all up eventually, but it’s probably going to take a few posts!

Mostly, I just wanted to check in today to let you all know that I’m back, I’m sorry for the crickets the last few weeks, and I promise I’m going to be upping my blogging game from here on out.

On that note, I’ll use this excuse to segue into some very exciting news! I’ve mentioned more than a few times that I’ve been working on migrating my blog to self-hosted WordPress and completely revamping my blog design. I started working on the design ages ago, knowing I wouldn’t have the time to completely make the transition until after the wedding. Well, we’re passed the wedding and now I have time! If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be seeing a brand-spanking-new blog when you visit Very Erin next time this week! Of course, that’s if everything goes according to plan.

I’m so excited for this change! And so ready! Plus I’ve already changed my marital status and last name in the last month, so I might as well keep them coming!

Weekend Wonderfuls, Vol. 5

Weekend Wonderfuls

1. As someone about to get married, this post by Rebecca on what marriage is completely spoke to me and made me look forward to my marriage even more!

2. In lifestyle blogging, there is a jagged line between too personal and not personal enough. This post offers great tips on how to find a balance between personal and helpful blog posts.

3. I spent way too much time picking out mine and Dave’s wedding hashtag, only to decide on something relatively simple (#mellonwedding2015). This post offers some tips on choosing your wedding hashtag!

4. I love reading blog posts where bloggers talk about their favorite blogs. I love discovering new blogs, and this is how I’ve discovered a lot of my favorites! This post features some great ones!

5. Once the wedding craziness calms down, I’m going to be in the market for some new summer reading. I love this post because some of the books are already on my list and some I’ve never heard of, but now they’re on my list!

I’m off to see my little brother graduate college tomorrow. What’s in store for your weekend?

Weekend Wonderfuls, Vol. 4

Weekend Wonderfuls

It’s that time of week again, folks! Here are a few of my favorite blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers this week!

1. This post is seriously a must-read. I was already a fan of Venus Trapped in Mars, but this post on body image for those “medium” or “average” sized girls made me love her even more!

2. If you’re looking for some awesome cheap date ideas for this summer, Helene shared a great list! Yay, I love dates!

3. I love Pinterest, but I haven’t entirely figured out how to get awesome blog traffic from it. This post gave me some great ideas though!

4. I’ve told you all before that I’m trying to improve my Instagram game. I really enjoyed this article on setting up great Instagram photos.

5. Vicky at Random Little Faves is one of my favorite bloggers. This post about her experience with blogging everyday for a month really makes me want to up my blogging game!

Instagram Lately

I’ve said before on here that one of the parts of blogging I struggle with most is posting regularly on my Instagram. Sometimes I’ll do really well and post days in a row. Sometimes I’ll go a week or two without posting, or without even hopping on Instagram. I didn’t do great in the month of April, but here are some of the posts you guys enjoyed over the past month!


Last weekend Dave and I had the opportunity to spend time with some friends we haven’t seen in far too long. Part of the weekend was an afternoon spent at a park on the lake.


My hair hardly ever holds a curl, so I felt it was important to document it when it did!


Leia has perfected her stare for when Dave or I are eating and she wants some of our food. If I’m being honest, she usually ends up getting some.


In April was National Siblings Day, so I shared this picture of two of my brothers and I.


Dave doesn’t make it on to the blog very often! But he sure was excited for an impromptu date night.


Every year my family goes together to University of Madison marching band concert. It’s always a great night and I made sure to show my Badger pride!


My bachelorette party was in April! It was absolutely one of the best nights I’ve had, and my bridesmaid definitely spoiled me!


Dave and I took a trip to see my dad a couple of weeks ago for his birthday. Dave helped him out around the house while I was able to curl up with a book next to the wood stove.

May Goals

May Goals

One thing I strive to do better in my day to day life is to set goals for myself: realistic goals that will still challenge me to better myself. So often I find myself thinking, “Yeah, I’d like to do better at that” or “Wow, I would really like to do more of that in my life”. The problem with these fleeting thoughts is that they lack follow-up and accountability. I’m the only one who knew I wanted to do that, so no one will know if I fail to do so. I didn’t write it down, so it’s not like I really planned to do that.

Because of this endless cycle, I’ve decided to incorporate a monthly post that will force me to face my goals head on and remain accountable for them. I sincerely hope this will push myself to follow up on those ideas that pop into my head and act as a regular reminder. Therefore, here are my goals for the month of May:

+GET MARRIED! Okay, this one seems like cheating. The bulk of the planning has already been done and the date is set. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to get married on May 24!

+In line with goal #1, I want to create productive to-do lists for my self for wedding tasks over the next three weeks. I want to have all of these things done before the big weekend so I’m not stressing too much at the last minute.

+Follow a solid meal plan. Sometimes I do really well with meal planning. The past month I have NOT. I want to at least have my meals planned Monday-Friday so I’m not wasting money on impulse purchases at the grocery store that I don’t end up eating because I ordered take-out instead.

+Have my new blog design DONE before I leave for the honeymoon. In June I’m going to be rolling out my new and improved blog design and self-hosted blog, but I’d like to finish it before the wedding.

+Schedule posts and social media  for the two weeks I’ll be out of blogging commission. I won’t have access to the blogosphere during the wedding and honeymoon, so I want to have everything scheduled ahead of time so I don’t go completely dark!

+Take more frequent walks. We have a gorgeous trail right next to our apartment complex, but almost always end up taking Leia for her walks just around the outside of the apartment.

That’s all for this month, folks. The blog design and wedding planning are going to take up a massive amount of my time, so I don’t want to overload myself!

Weekend Wonderfuls, Vol. 3

Weekend Wonderfuls

1. Our apartment isn’t tiny by all standards, but it definitely feels like we’re growing out of it. I loved these tips for making the most of small space.

2. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to have a larger space to decorate. I love these living room inspiration ideas!

3. Mother’s Day is coming up quickly! If you’re on the hunt of the perfect gift for Mom, here are some great ideas!

4. Lately I keep finding myself repinning mojito recipes. Clearly I’ve got them on the mind. Someone get this girl a mojito!

5. This post talks about how to get honest feedback on your blog. I can’t wait to give it a shot!

Happy weekend, all! Dave and I are off to a wedding this weekend, so you know it’s going to be a good one!

Weekend Wonderfuls, Vol. 2

Weekend Wonderfuls

1. I saw a new trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 the other day and I am OB-SESSED! Pitch Perfect is one of my absolute favorite movies, so I’m super psyched to see the second one. Plus, some of the Green Bay Packers are in this one. Double win.

2. I’ve found StumbleUpon to be a really useful tool for growing my blog, so I loved this post by Making Mrs. M, and couldn’t agree with it more!

3. I’m going to be undergoing a re-design on my blog soon and this post about choosing your color scheme for your blog was so helpful!

4. These 17 diagrams will make it infinitely more simple to choose your wedding gown. And it’s an important decision!

5. Guys, there’s going to be a Gilmore Girls reunion in June. CAN I GO?? Basically all of the stars are going. Someone take me.

Happy reading and happy weekend!