Wedding Send Off


There were surely times over the past two years where I felt time was moving in slow motion. When we hit the one-year point, already halfway through our engagement, it felt like we had an eternity to go. There were times I was furious with myself for having such a long engagement, even though I knew we needed that buffer after college.

Now that we’re just a few days away, I have no freaking clue where the time went. Wasn’t I just in college, hanging out with my boyfriend and thinking that maybe someday we’d get married? The engagement felt painfully long at times, but now looking back, it feels like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye.

As insanely excited as I am to finally be married, there are some things I’m going to miss about being engaged. It was fun! I love doing research and making spreadsheets, so that part was a dream. It was fun looking at amazing venues and eating free cake. Yes, I will those things. But more than anything, I’m excited to be married. And to have this whole planning ordeal over with! No one tells you how much planning goes into a wedding! Okay, maybe they do and I just didn’t listen.

This afternoon is officially the beginning of my wedding vacation. The wedding is on Sunday and then Dave and I jet off on our honeymoon!

You’ll still see blog posts while I’m away, just not everyday. There will be around three posts per week that I’ve pre-scheduled, as well as some social media goodness. I’ll miss the blogosphere, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for a little break!

Enjoy your Memorial Day and the next two weeks!

7 thoughts on “Wedding Send Off

  1. Yay!! Enjoy every minute of your wedding and honeymoon and blogging break! Isn’t it funny how fast the time goes, even when all along it felt like time was dragging? It reminds me of that saying “The days are long, and the years are short.” Best wishes to you!!


  2. Congratulations! I’m super jealous of the way you have it set up lol. We got married pretty spur of the moment (think 3 week engagement) and we will probably never get to take advantage of a cruise I won at a bridal show. Enjoy your vaca and time spent away as a married couple! Marriage is a journey, so you might as well do some sightseeing!


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